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A Wet Week In Oxford.

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It has been an incredibly wet week here in Oxford and like other parts of the UK, flooding has caused a severe disruption to our services.

Some of the most intense flooding hit Kidlington, Kennington Road and Abingdon Road making the waterlogged roads impassable for most vehicles. As a result a number of our services were put on diversionary routes around the affected areas.

Obviously these diversions, coupled with wet roads and increased traffic on route have meant delays on many services.

Our management team, customer service team and drivers have been working incredibly hard to ensure our services continued to run in the city and serve the worst hit areas as best we can.

Our social media accounts have been inundated with questions and updates, including some staggering photos taken by passengers in flooded areas. We would like to thank you for all the positive comments left on the page this week. We have tried our very best to reply to all comments and keep the Facebook and Twitter pages as up to date as possible.

We would again like to thank our passengers for their patience during these testing times. It remains uncertain how long this weather will last, but for the latest travel news, we would recommend heading over to our Facebook page.


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