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Arthur Signs Off in Style!

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Arthur Pearson retired on Friday 8th February after 65 years of service and was given a memorable send off by his colleagues, the media and local MP Andrew Smith. Arthur, who joined Oxford Bus in 1948, was greeted at a surprise farewell presentation with a round of applause from his colleagues. Managing Director, Philip Kirk then spoke about Arthur, describing him as the perfect gentleman, “This year the company has been here for 130 years and Arthur has been with us for half of that time. That is an incredible achievement. Whether it’s dealing with passengers, colleagues or even the Prime Minister, Arthur is just the same and handles people with great charm and courtesy. “Now that Arthur has retired, our longest serving colleagues have clocked up just 45 years service!”

Oxford East MP, Andrew Smith spoke of Arthur’s service, saying “It’s an absolutely remarkable story of service to the company and the community.” Following the presentation, Andrew Smith presented Arthur with gifts from his colleagues, including a plaque to commemorate his 65 years with the company and a special cake which featured a picture of one of Arthur’s favourite buses, a double-decker AEC Regent III.
ArthurArthur was also treated to a ride home on his favourite bus after the Oxford Bus Museum kindly donated the use of a vehicle for the special occasion. Speaking about his career, Arthur said coming to work was like coming to play, “I’ve been very lucky, I have always been working. You may call it work but for me, coming to work is coming to play – I loved driving in the first place and I’ve enjoyed every minute. It’s been really marvellous and the people I have worked with have been such a friendly unit. “I shall now just enjoy getting around and walking by the river. I get such satisfaction knowing that after all I made a good job of it.”


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