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Greener Journeys launch Catch The Bus Week 29th of April to 5th of May 2013.06 Greener Journeys
Oxford Bus Company will be taking part in the first ever national Catch the Bus Week aimed at encouraging people out of their cars and on to local bus services.

Claire Haigh, Chief Executive of Greener Journeys, announces the launch of Catch the Bus Week 2013, a national campaign that will run from the 29th of April to the 5th of May and aims to increase awareness of the benefits of bus travel across the UK, and to encourage infrequent users to use the bus more often.

Catch The Bus Week will promote the many benefits of bus travel including, convenience, value for money and environmental benefits – reducing the carbon footprint from transport and improving local air quality. The campaign will show that everyone has a time when the bus really is the best way to travel.

Claire explained: “Since 2010 Greener Journeys has been striving to take one billion car journeys off the road and Catch the Bus Week will help us reach this aim. Buses play a crucial role in our society from getting children to school, carrying people to work, the shops or to their local park or swimming pool day in day out. Buses support the economy.

“Buses also help reduce congestion on the roads, promote social inclusion by providing a vital link to those without other means and reduce all our carbon footprints and travel’s effect on the environment.”

“This campaign will be a springboard for greater public attention of the buses many benefits and I hope will encourage both car drivers and infrequent bus users to give the bus a try. I am delighted to be launching such an important campaign.”

Catch the Bus Week is being run by Greener Journeys but also sponsored and supported by Norman Baker, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Transport.


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