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Powering Oxford Bus Company, Powering the Community

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Oxford Bus Company are the first Oxfordshire business to develop a renewables scheme with community benefit, in partnership with the Low Carbon Hub.

The 140kW solar PV scheme, placed on the Oxford Bus Company roof in Cowley, will provide the company with low cost electricity and the Low Carbon Hub an income stream to support and fund community energy projects across the city and county.

This innovative way of working has received backing from David Cameron in a letter of support to Oxford Bus Company:

“I am delighted to hear that the Low Carbon Hub is now scaling up its impact by inviting forward-thinking companies to develop….renewables under a community benefit model….I sincerely hope other Oxfordshire businesses will follow…and I hope we will be able to use Oxfordshire as a showcase that will inspire replication across the UK”.

Oxford Bus Finance Director Luke Marion said:

“This is a great project to be involved with. We have consistently established good environmental practices, and our bus fleet has one of the best environmental profiles in the UK; we have cut our carbon use by over 25% per passenger journey in the last five years. But we also recognise that it isn’t just about our buses, it is about how we run our whole business, what we call a ‘holistic’ approach where environmental best practice is embedded in everything we do. The Low Carbon Hub project is attractive to us because it has the right investment profile and there is a great payback to the community.”

Barbara Hammond, CEO of the Low Carbon Hub said:

“We are pleased to be working with Oxford Bus Company on this innovative project that benefits business, investors and communities. We hope that other companies will follow their lead.


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