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Solar Panel Roof Ready To Go!


All 540 solar panels have now been installed on the roof of Cowley House – aka Oxford Bus Company HQ.P1030592
The big switch on has taken place which means the panels are now providing Oxford Bus Company with low cost electricity and the Low Carbon Hub an income stream to support and fund community energy projects across the city and county.

Oxford Bus Company is the first Oxfordshire business to develop a renewable energy project with community benefits, in partnership with the Low Carbon Hub.
At the switch on, Financial Director Luke Marion said: “This is a great project to be involved with. Over the years we’ve regularly taken the lead on environmental schemes, not just for Oxford but for the bus industry as a whole. We were one of the first companies to fit particulate traps to our buses and to adopt the important Euro Emission Standards.”

“It’s not just our buses that are green, our headquarters at Cowley House is now one of the most eco-friendly commercial buildings in the city. This project is a natural step for us to take. We’ve been part of life in Oxford for over 130 years and this is another example of our commitment to the local economy.”
The Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise that works to reduce carbon emissions across Oxfordshire by developing renewable energy projects for the benefit of local communities. This scheme has received the backing of Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The roof before the solar panels were introduced – a wasted opportunity!
Check out our lovely new solar roof – we ordered the blue sky with the panels!
Where the solar magic happens.


4 thoughts on “Solar Panel Roof Ready To Go!

  1. More companies should follow this and not only do their bit to save the planet but also set an example to the community.

  2. A great example to businesses in Oxon. Please spread the word.

    This is the way to harvest solar energy and not by covering our countryside with swathes of unsightly panels.

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