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Our new Interdecks have arrived!


Christmas came early for Oxford Bus Company this week when the first of our new interdeck coaches arrived at Cowley House!

The lovely new coaches will join our X90 and airline fleets and will be on the roads from early December. In the meantime – check out some photos that we took this week.


9 thoughts on “Our new Interdecks have arrived!

  1. These look like really nice coaches. Is it possible that I can us these pictures, with credit to yourself, on my blog?

  2. Hi Luke, that’s fine. Can you link the credit back to our website? If so we are happy for you to use the pics.

  3. Hi, how many have you/will you order? will these run along side the panther MK1 & MK2’s in the Airline and X90 express fleets?

  4. The new buses are very comfortable, and certainly seat more people. The design seems odd though – slightly awkward reaching the card reader when you get on, and the ceiling is very low at the bottom of the stairs. What is all the space used for downstairs? I’d have thought you would have more seats on the lower deck.

  5. Hi Lis, thanks for your comment. Glad to hear that you are enjoying our new coaches overall. To answer your question – there are less seats downstairs because the luggage compartment and toilets are situated there. Fortunately this means we have more space upstairs for seats as we can use the space over the driver/entrance and the space where a toilet would usually be down the aisle. Hope that helps and that you continue to enjoy the improvements we’ve made.

  6. How many seats downstairs, and do they have any windows? A photo would be helpful.

  7. Will you ever run a 24 hour service like the Oxford Tube as would buy an annual ticket if was being planned for the future?

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