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Oxford Bus Company Take Part In A Daring Jailbreak! (For Charity)

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Sheng, Patrick, and Taariq before boarding the X90 and starting their Jailbreak adventure.

This weekend, Oxford University undergraduates Sheng, Patrick, and Taariq got their ‘Jailbreak’ charity challenge underway by climbing aboard our X90 Oxford – London coach service.

The challenge sees hundreds of students trying to get as far away from Oxford in 36 hours as possible. What makes it harder is the fact that students cannot use any money during their travels.

All money raised goes to good causes including Education Partnerships Africa, The Oxford Food Bank and Students Supporting Street Kids.

image (1)
The guys celebrating a job well done on Arthur’s Seat.

We were happy to help the trio out, providing them with free X90 tickets from Oxford to London. From London the team headed north, ending their challenge in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Congratulations to the guys on a great effort! If you would like to make a donation then please follow the raise 2 give links below.

Sheng https://www.raise2give.com/oxford-jailbreak-2014/sheng-wei-ang

Taariq https://www.raise2give.com/oxford-jailbreak-2014/taariq-ismail

Patrick https://www.raise2give.com/oxford-jailbreak-2014/padi


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