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Our new airline single decks have arrived!


Hot on the heels of the spectacular new Interdecks for X90 and the airline, we will shortly be welcoming five brand new airline single deck Volvo B11R with Plaxton Paragon 44-seat bodies to the usual high specification. As with the Interdecks this marks the return to Volvo for our coach chassis, following a number of years with Scania.

Wearing registrations AF to EF14 OXF, these will be the first “14” plate PSVs in the area, and represent the latest phase of our continual investment in these high profile services. The average age of our coach fleet is now a very impressive 3 years. We managed to take a few photos before they headed out on the road.


9 thoughts on “Our new airline single decks have arrived!

  1. I hate to say this but Motts Travel had three new coaches that entered service on the 1st March.

  2. Hi Luke, thanks for checking out our blog. Motts Travel were quick off the line weren’t they?! Well we are certainly the first to use “14” plate PSVs in Oxfordshire…still pretty good!

    • Yes, you defiantly have the first 14-plate PSVs in Oxfordshire. Can’t wait to see them in service. Also heard some of the 61-plate Panthers have been painted into X90 livery. Is this true?

      • Luke – Several of the 61 plate ‘Airline’ coaches have been repainted into a generic white livery, so that they can be used on both the Airline and X90 services. They have also been renumbered in the series 41+. This has been progressing over the last couple of months, but unfortunately the fleetlist has not been updated to reflect these changes. Also noted is that there has been no announcement as to exactly when the new ‘Airline’ coaches (21-25) will enter service, which I cannot understand. If they were my coaches, I would be shouting from the rooftops to let everybody know about the new coaches and service improvements. However, OBC is not alone, as many operators seem not to take the opportunity to advertise the introduction of new buses and coaches.

  3. Shiny new coaches 😀 never travelled on the airline before.

  4. Any chance of updating the Fleetlist with 21-25 body & chassis numbers, please?

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