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Taking Five on Friday: Rachel our Designer and Marketeer!

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Did you know that Oxford Bus Company is one of Oxford’s largest employers with over 600 members of staff? Each Friday we ask an employee 5 questions to find out what it’s like to work here at OBC….

Staff member name: Rachel Smith
Job title: Designer and Marketing Officer

1) How long have you worked for Oxford Bus Company?
I’ve worked for Oxford Bus Company for just over six months.

2) Which bus/coach service do you use the most?
I take the park&ride 300 from Pear Tree almost everyday to get into work.

3) What is the one essential item you need when waiting at a bus stop?
My bus pass and my phone to keep me entertained while I wait. Some form of food or drink is also preferable.

4) What is your favourite thing to do in Oxford or best place to visit?
On a weekend the main reason I come in to Oxford is to go shopping. I enjoy meeting up with friends and going out for a meal in the City Centre and occasionally we’ll all go out for a drink.

5) What is the best thing about working at Oxford Bus Company?
Everyone I have met at the Bus Company is really friendly and approachable. Birthdays in the office are always good as everyone will bring in cakes to celebrate! I also enjoy walking through town and seeing posters or leaflets I designed being used by customers. I also enjoy putting our internal newsletter together every couple of weeks.


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