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Taking Five on Friday: Gillian, our Travel Shop Assistant!

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Did you know that Oxford Bus Company is one of Oxford’s largest employers with over 600 members of staff? Each Friday we ask an employee 5 questions to find out what it’s like to work here at OBC…

Staff member name: Gill Robinson
Job title: Travel Shop Assistant
I’ve worked for Oxford Bus Company for… 6 months

1) So Gillian, what do you do at Oxford Bus?
I work at the key Travel Shop in Debenhams dealing with key cards, including topping them up and producing new ones. I also answer queries from members of the public.

2) Which bus/coach service do you use the most?
I use the X3 and X13 from Abingdon to get to work and sometimes the X2 as well.

3) What is the one essential item you need when waiting at a bus stop?
I’d say sweets and a drink (soft of course!)

4) What is your favourite thing to do in Oxford or best place to visit?
I love looking at the architecture in Oxford and visiting the Ashmolean, especially when there is an exhibition on. I recently went to see the Bacon and Moore, and Cezanne exhibitions. And I love to shop too!

5) What is the best thing about working at Oxford Bus Company?
My colleagues are the best thing about the job, they’ve made me feel very welcome! And feed me sweets 🙂


One thought on “Taking Five on Friday: Gillian, our Travel Shop Assistant!

  1. That’s my wife and she is very good at her job. Shame she doesn’t smile like that at home 🙂

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