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Taking Five on Friday: Jamie, the Marketing Man!

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Did you know that Oxford Bus Company is one of Oxford’s largest employers with over 600 members of staff? Each Friday we ask an employee 5 questions to find out what it’s like to work here at OBC…

Staff member name: Jamie Hiscock
Job title: Marketing Officer
I’ve worked at Oxford Bus Company for… 5 years

1) What do you do at Oxford Bus?

I design printed marketing material, such as timetable leaflets, roadside timetable displays and other bus related posters that you see on our vehicles. I also keep an eye on bus stop closures are the city, as well as loading the destination displays (that you see on the front of the buses) on to the vehicles.

2) Which bus/coach service do you use the most?

I take the city5 into town a few times a week.

3) What is the one essential item you need when waiting at a bus stop?

I listen to alot of music, so I’d say Music and Headphones are essential at the stop.

4) What is your favourite thing to do in Oxford or best place to visit?

A sociable drink at one of the many pubs in Cowley. It’s just a nice city to live in and home to the mighty Oxford United!

5) What is the best thing about working at Oxford Bus Company?

Certainly getting to work with a great Marketing Team and two days never being the same.


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