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Taking Five on Friday: H our Ticket Seller and Driver!

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Did you know that Oxford Bus Company is one of Oxford’s largest employers with over 600 members of staff? Each Friday we ask an employee 5 questions to find out what it’s like to work here at OBC…

Staff member name: ‘H’ Barnard
I’ve worked at Oxford Bus Company for… 14 years

1) What do you do at Oxford Bus?

I do a number of things at Oxford Bus Company; I’m a Ticket Seller down at Gloucester Green Coach Station and at Thornhill Park and Ride, I also drive local city buses and cover the rota for the Express team when it’s needed.

2) Which bus/coach service do you use the most?

I actually use the S1 Stagecoach service everyday, just because it serves the town I live in. I also take the airline to Gatwick and Heathrow a few times a year, most recently on a trip to New York.

3) What is the one essential item you need when waiting at a bus stop?

Everyone says this – but it’s my phone! I’ll check the internet or listen to some music while I wait.

4) What is your favourite thing to do in Oxford or best place to visit?

I like to walk or cycle down by the canal, usually I start at Donnington Bridge and then walk up to Osney Island. It’s peaceful and a beautiful route on a sunny day.

5) What is the best thing about working at Oxford Bus Company?

I’ve been working for Oxford Bus Company for 14 years and before that I worked for Go-Ahead driving routemasters! I think the best thing has been interacting with our customers, getting to know the ones you see every day and help the ones that maybe don’t know which service they might need!


One thought on “Taking Five on Friday: H our Ticket Seller and Driver!

  1. Looks like it’s lovely and warm at GG as usual !!!

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