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Taking Five On Friday: Customer Service Manager, Carmen!

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Did you know that Oxford Bus Company is one of Oxford’s largest employers with over 600 members of staff? This week we spoke to Customer Service Manager, Carmen Manthorpe to find out what it’s like to work here at OBC.

Staff Member Name: Carmen Manthorpe
I’ve worked at Oxford Bus Company for… 4 years.

1) What do you do at Oxford Bus Company?

I lead the team that is responsible for providing passengers a good customer experience from Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel when they require advice and assistance about our routes, travel products and other services and providing a clear path for resolution if things go wrong.

2) If you could recommend one place in Oxford to a visitor, where would it be?

The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin for the panoramic view of this beautiful city from the top of the tower. Also the great tea and sticky cakes in the Vault Cafe!

3) What is the one essential item you need when waiting at the bus stop?

I like to people watch! Luckily, I get plenty of opportunity to do that on buses but it wouldn’t be possible if I was ‘plugged in’ to music, emails or social media sites while I traveled.

4) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I read, garden, knit and hike but rarely do all of it at the same time.

5) What is the best thing about working at Oxford Bus Company?

Undoubtedly the best part of my job is the people contact. I work with a great team of people who bring fresh insight and experiences to the workplace every day and that is what makes the job both enjoyable and constantly shifting. There is never a dull moment here!


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