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Introducing city600 – Your new hospital and science area connection

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On Monday 29th September, we will be introducing a brand new service – the city600. The 600 service will connect Pear Tree Park & Ride with Oxford University Science Area and the John Radcliffe Hospital every 30 minutes Monday to Friday. The new route will be part of our Heartbeat brand, alongside our other hospital services including city13 and cityX13. Passengers using the key can use the 600 service with any park&ride route, cityzone or SmartZone product. More information can be viewed on the city website.


One thought on “Introducing city600 – Your new hospital and science area connection

  1. The bus route is very much what I, and some colleagues, would really need. However, as it stands we cannot use it to get to work in the morning nor to get back home in the evening. As an experiment, I believe the schedule is totally mistaken. The risk for the experiment is to think that this route is not needed (as not many people will use it) just because the bus runs in times that are not really useful. I believe that the Oxford Bus Company should try the route for the whole day to test it. It will be very welcome as a new connection.

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