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We’re opening our doors for the Oxfordshire Business Festival!

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logob As part of the Oxfordshire Business Festival taking place from 30th June to 8th July, we’ll be opening our doors and taking you behind the scenes of a modern bus company to see how we move 20 million passengers annually whilst operating in a commercially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Over half of all journeys to Oxford City Centre are made by bus, so the service we deliver is crucial to both the city’s economy and the quality of life of the residents of Oxfordshire. In addition to this, our extensive programme of community involvement ensures that we give back to the people and places we serve.

At Oxford Bus Company we’re always innovating to deliver a better product, but this process is as much about our people as it is about hardware and software. The open day will give you the chance to see first-hand how we do this, as well as the wide variety of skills required to meet the market’s ever-changing needs.

Spaces are strictly limited, so reserve your place now by clicking this link: Book Now!

Below is a preview of just some of what you can expect to see on the day.

This is an Oxford Bus Company Mercedes Citaro on hydraulic lifting equipment. The above photo might look an odd sight to some, especially as the un-laden weight is just over 11,100kg (11 tons).1

Here we have a Volvo Eclipse Gemini 2 hybrid electric bus on hydraulic lifting equipment. The un-laden weight of this bus is over 12,500kg (12.5 tons).2

Here’s the engine bay of a Volvo B11 RT coach in for routine maintenance. These vehicles cover enormous mileage yet still remain reliable.3

At the moment pictured, the controller is monitoring the activities of 163 Oxford Bus Company buses & coaches, as well as a further 12 ancillary vehicles. Each vehicle is fitted with GPS transponders and telematics recorders, enabling us to monitor location, speed, fuel consumption and many other metrics in real time.4

In addition to the obvious mechanical needs of our huge fleet, keeping our vehicles clean is an enormous task! Our bus wash performs superbly, virtually all night, every night.7



We are fortunate enough to have a very large south-east facing roof, which gives us the opportunity to harvest the earth’s ‘original’ energy source – the Sun. 540 photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy which is then converted into AC by a series of inverters.p1030597



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